Detox and Weight Loss

  • 15 Day Herbal Trim

    This 15 Day plan includes: Magic Raw Honey Mix 15 Meal Replacement Smoothies Meal Replacement Tea 15 Cucumber/Lemon Water Packs Chia Seed *There is no additional fee for honey

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  • 5 Day Extreme Fat Burn & Chia Regimen

    This fat burn and chia regimen includes: 10 Verity Chia Drinks 5 Protein Control Dinner Salads with a variety of Chia Dressings Sweat Wrap Cream and Wrap Roll A 60 Minute Detox Sauna Session

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  • Chia Seed Drinks

    Chia Seed Drinks support weight loss, curb hunger, and boosts workout. Benefits to Chia: Excellent Egg Substitute – I work with many clients who have allergies to eggs or have chosen vegan lifestyle, and they still want to eat baked goods. When...

  • Detox Box

    This box is dedicated to detoxing! This box includes: Detox Tea 1-Day Detox Shot Coffee Detox Herbal Honey

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  • Foot and Body Detox

    This foot and body detox kit includes: Detox Tea Detox Honey Mix Foot Soak Detox Mix Foot Soak Tub  *There is no additional fee for honey with this order.

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  • Garlic Honey Capsules (25)

    A healthy blend to lower cholesterol, treat the common cold and strengthen the immune system to prevent the common cold.

  • Herbal Detox Kit

    A kit for detoxing on the go! This kit includes: Hot Tea Infuser Bottle Cold Fruit Infuser Bottle Mobile Kettle Mobile Blender Backpack 10 Day Detox Tea 30 Day Detox Smoothie Mix

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